Saturday, October 28, 2006

13 Useful Tools Offered by Google

  1. Use Google Earth Maps – Maps to help you find locations throughout the world. Find businesses and get directions.
  2. Use Google Sitemaps – Helps webmaster place new pages into the Google Search Index.
  3. Use Google Picasa – Locates and organizes all your pictures on the PC and allows you to share them.
  4. Use Google Froogle – It is a price directory. Lists the lowest price available for a good or service.
  5. Use Google Groups – Great for social networking.
  6. Use Google Blogger – Get a blog and chat about your products and/or ideas.
  7. Use Google Adsense – Monetizes your site.
  8. Use Google Gmail – 2+ gigabytes of free mailbox space. You’ll need someone to invite you.
  9. Use Google Alerts – Notifies you when another site mentions or lists your site.
  10. Use Google Image Search – The most comprehensive image search tool on the web.
  11. Use Google Chat – It is free and fast. You can IM, email, transfer files or just talk.
  12. Use Google Software Pack – Free collection of essential software.
  13. Use Google Toolbar – Shows page rank of websites you visit.

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