Friday, December 29, 2006

Keyboard Hack: Cheat sheet for typing odd characters (®, µ, æ, £, ©, ñ, ±)

There are no downloads or setting changes to bother with. This is a quick reference sheet on how to type infrequently used but often needed symbols and characters.

see reference


Rose said...

useful information for someone like me who is a not too computer savvy

esofthub said...

Glad that you found them helpful.

Adam said...

Thanks. Been searching for this info for quite sometime. I actually changed my keyboard because it didn't have the £ key.

However the shortcut for yen (Alt+157)somehow doesn't work using my keyboard. I get a Ø instead.

esofthub said...

Adam -- I'm glad to have contributed to your search. Visit again!