Saturday, March 24, 2007

Page Rank of Popular Blogs

I was curious as to what the PR was on some of the popular blogs. I was surprised to see some of the PR's were comparable to the web giants such as craigs, netflix, newegg, and overstock. I was also surprised to see at PR 4 but heard Google has changed their ranking criteria again. What other PR 7 and PR 8 blogs are out there? Are there any PR9 or PR10 blogs? I doubt it…

PR checker

Here are a 10 popular blog sites I see often around the blogosphere and their PR.

John Chow DOT com: 4
Freeware List: 5
4sysops: 5
Shoemoney: 6
Method Shop: 6
TechCrunch: 7
MyBlogLog: 7
ProBlogger: 7
Marketing Pilgrim: 7
Engadget: 8

Major web sites and their PR: 7 7 7 8 8 9 9 9 9 10

Today's date is 4/4/2007. The verbiage below is a followup to my original post above (12 days ago)

HMTKSteve found another PR10 site, I found a blog, Alien Hunter, that lists 19 PR10 sites. I also noticed that (apple) by itself is a PR10 site.

However, I'm still looking for the elusive PR9 and PR10 blogs. Do they exist?


esofthub said...

I see shoemoney or someone on his staff dropped by. Probably making sure I'm not bad-mouthing his site.

Michael Goldberg said...

Jon Chow is all over the place right now.

esofthub said...

I know. His blog is hot in the blogosphere.

HMTKSteve said...

Is Google the only PR 10 site in the world?

esofthub said...

hmtksteve, I don't know but it might be in the English speaking world.

esofthub said...

Does anyone else know of a PR 10 site (other than Google) in the (English/non-English) world?

HMTKSteve said...

I found one! is PR 10.

esofthub said...

Steve, I found a blog that lists 19 current PR 10 sites. I've added the link to this post.

esofthub said...

However, I'm still looking for the elusive PR9 and PR10 blogs. Do they even exist?