Saturday, March 31, 2007

Submit Your Blogs to Directories

These submission links point to over 100 blog directories. To generate more interest and traffic, submit your blog(s) to these (some are high PR) directories.

I manually submitted to a couple PR6 directories but then I got bored with the submission process. I'll have to piecemeal it.

Blog Directory Link1
Blog Directory Link2
Blog Directory Link3


Lord Matt said...

I understood that link directories can hurt your page rank.

esofthub said...

Lord Matt,

Thank you for your comment.

Links that are hidden, cloaked doorway pages or redirected, from FFAs, linkfarms, and spam websites are definitely bad juju.

Predominantly, the directories I mentioned are not of the aforementioned. I'm only suggesting that when you are not generating any traffic, blog directories might be a decent place to start. As always, do your own due diligence because I'm no SEO or SEM expert. Personally, I checked out the ones with higher PRs...

I got (inception was Dec 06) up to a PR5, and this one and "My SysAd Blog" (was a PR4) up to a PR3. Those two latter blogs were started in Sept '06. Back then as a newbie (still am frankly speaking), I only used blog directories to generate traffic.

esofthub said...

Adding to the last post...

The only thing I did different with "My SysAd Blog" between PR updates was increased my postings (maybe interpreted as SPAM), added several RSS feeds, added a couple UNIX related buttons, and removed Google Adsense.

Interestingly enough, my readership has increased by almost 15x and 3.5x since Nov '06 and Dec '06, respectively. Majority of the traffic for "My SysAd Blog" comes from Google searches. For the "web finds" blog, the majority of the traffic comes from MSN. From Sept '06 to December '06, the only thing I did was directory submissions. I didn't know anything else except that FFAs were ill-advised.

On a positive note, I've noticed via MBL that some of my "Technical Links" (Blogroll) have benefited from a decent number of hits (low double digits per day) from my blog. That’s where the Google Adsense was located!

The best part of this blogging experience, I'm learning so many new things and writing more :) I need the practice!

PeterH said...


Thanks, very helpful. One do I find out my feed URL?

Just a dumb filmmaker.


esofthub said...


On your webpage, go to your browser's menu. Select View->Source

It appears to be the following:

A cleaner way is to go to and type in your URL. FeedBurner makes it easy to receive content updates in My Yahoo!, Newsgator, Bloglines, and other news readers.

I registered (free) with and mapped my UNIX RSS feed to the following:

Your blog via
Identify Feed Source
The feed URL you entered is:
FeedBurner discovered more than one feed at that address. Please select one to use as your source:
Filmmaking 101 - Atom:

Filmmaking 101 - RSS:

PeterH said...

Thanks for the detailed answer. My head is only spinning a little.


Michael said...

Thanks for the add to your blogroll.

I see you have some interesting info here. I have have to link to some of this valuable info.

esofthub said...

Michael, I appreciate your comment about this blog. Thanks for linking to some of its information.

BillyWarhol said...

I guess this is a Next Step fer me*

One of my probs is categorizing my $B Blog*

It's kinda funny + but also has a ton of good visuals from Flickr but i don't think it belongs in Humour or Photography*

I think it's Entertaining but those site typically deal with Hollywood stars*

I'll take a boo & see which Directories U mention*

I was hoping to Sell U some $B Baloney but i'll leave that fer another day!!


p.s. i get U confuzed w/ Emily Chang's eHub which is an awesome source fer Web2.0 info*

esofthub said...

billywarhol, thanks for the comment. I would submit to the free ones first. But the only thing about the free ones, it takes quite awhile before your blogs are accepted and there's certainly no guarantees of acceptance. The manual submission process is very time consuming. How are your community building efforts paying off?

I agree with you about It's a great resource and a great domain name. Actually, I bought the domain (3 yrs ago) because I was thinking about doing something like hers (before I saw hers of course)... I might still turn it into a "electronic Software Hub" :) Who knows.

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