Sunday, April 15, 2007

Create a Sitemap for Your Website

It's important to have a good sitemap of your site. It helps the periodic spiders better identify your website. Generate a sitemap with the tool listed below and upload it to your server.

Create SiteMap

For Blogger (Per Commenter's request)

Go to Google's Webmaster Tools
1. Login/password





Liudmila said...

Is it possible to post a sitemap in the blogger's blog?

esofthub said...

There's already a built-in one. It's your atom.xml file. See mod to post.

Liudmila said...

Oh,the great news! And I can't understand where the hell is this "top (or root) folder of your website"

Liudmila said...

Forgot -thank you

esofthub said...


Yours is

Liudmila said...

Thank you,now I'll add it to Google webmaster tools.

esofthub said...

You're welcome liudmila.

santa said...

it was showing some error to me while i was finding site maps

esofthub said...

santa, which link did you click on? I clicked on all of problem.