Friday, April 20, 2007

Mind Teasers Rehashed

Here are some mind teasers I posted back in Nov '06. Almost daily, I noticed that some of my Google and MSN traffic was referencing mind teasers. Unfortunately, only the horse picture was showing up.

My favorite one is the "11 faces." Did you find them all?

Find the hidden image
Interesting layout
Jail house rock
Intriguing "Waterfall"
Check out the "circle"
Focus on the dot! What happen to it?
Find the faces
What do you see here? Do you see the word "LIFT?"
A face? ...Or, the word "liar?"
Who is the tallest?
Do you see 5 people?
Where does the middle column end?
How many horses in this picture? Should find 7
Cool art that will mess with your head.


Peter Haslam said...

Very neat. Good illustration of how our eyes deceive us

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Hi friend!
I find this post so much fun and interesting. i'd like to splog it and copy it in my site - of course will all credits attributed to you. Hoping for you kind consideration regarding this matter.

esofthub said...

Peter, if I find something cool, I like to share it. BTW, I posted these teasers back in Nov '06, but I screwed up the posts..."too green back then" :)

esofthub said...

the anitokid, sure and I appreciate the credit, too. :) My favorite one is the faces. Did you find them all?

ecllc said...

Very cool mind teasers. I have never seen that deer one before. Would I were talented enough to draw something like that...

You have a great blog!


esofthub said...

Andrew, I appreciate your comment. I like the "faces" one (find 11 faces).

John C said...

Great additional pictures of optical illusions I hadn't seen before! The circle reminded me of a rhombus. I'm so addlebrained now, I don't know if I spelled it right. lol

esofthub said...

Thanks John, I appreciate your comment and glad you liked the pics.