Sunday, May 06, 2007

Classifieds FreeAdLists -- Posting Etiquette

As some of you know, I'm trying to launch a classifieds ad service, Classifieds FreeAdLists. Unfortunately, I got my first email telling me to do something or else. Obviously, I didn't intend for the classified website to be a venue to vet anger or frustration against someone else.

I immediately deleted the inflammatory ad listed below, but I thought I would share its contents with my readers. That’s some heated stuff, right? This is exactly what I don't want.

Well, at least people are finding and posting to the site; I'm hoping it can stay somewhat friendly. Geez!

BTW, I Googled and performed Yahoo searches on "UseAtorzzzzz" prior to posting this article. Nothing returned. ;)

Have a great weekend. :)


The personal information of the complaint has been modified.

UseAtorzzzzz wrote:

This is one of many attempts to deface my company. Please find out who is posting these ads and what ip they are from because I have filed charges against them and they are dragging this site in with them. Please fix this issue

UseAmyzzzzz Corp (A city)
Posted on: 2007-05-02 04:02:12
Poster's E-Mail: Withheld. Use the form below to contact the user.

UseAtorzzzzz is scum. They'll tell you what you want to hear, get your money, and run. No one answers the phones, no one answers their emails, its all excuses after excuses. Someone should report that asshole for not delivering what he says he will. I'd be embarrassed to work for him.

* Location: a city
* Compensation: run for your life
* Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster.


Anonymous said...

What was it that Oscar Wilde once said?

“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”

Lol. At least you can say you have *passionate* readers !

Keep up the good work.

esofthub said...

Thanks ipsofacto, you seem to always be able to put a positive spin on things. Again, thanks for the comment.

Wish you had a better time at Itaewon's International Food Festival. But being that food and drinks were overpriced 5 times and portions were 5 times smaller than usual really makes that difficult.

Anonymous said...

You know the smallest cups you get at Baskin Robbins? I had one of those 3/4 with curry for 5k.


esofthub said...

Dang...not cool, especially with the won exchange rate.

Internet Safety Queen said...

Perhaps in their next comment, they will open up a little and tell you really how they feel!!!!

Seriously, this happens far too often to too many people.

esofthub said...

internet safety queen, I would have to agree with you.