Thursday, May 31, 2007

Is your email being rejected by a mail server?

Listed by Spamhaus? Check to see if you are on a blocklist. If the answer is yes, it is probably because email messages you are sending out are being rejected by mail servers around the Internet that use Spamhaus blocklists to filter incoming mail.

Spamhaus only lists IP addresses (they do not list email addresses or domains). To find out if your IP Address is listed on one of their 'blocklist' databases, enter the IP address in the box below and press "Lookup IP."

Btw, one of the top 10 Spammers in the world was arrested yesterday (Wed) by the Feds.


THE ANiTOKiD said...

Roy, guess what! I’m nearing my 1st-year anniversary as a blogger and it’s time for some serious fun! Join the “AnitoKid Anniversary Review“ - the grand prize is US$100. Rules are at Stick with me at And I kid you not!

THE ANiTOKiD said...

Just used your AdLists. Awesome! It could copy my entire MSWord sheet! And the pictures too! Man, that is totally cool! Much thanks Roy! By the way, is there a feature in the interface that could possibly direct an add to more than 1 location? Thanks again, my friend.

esofthub said...

The anitokid, yes there is but there is a nominal charge for it in order to reduce spamming. I have it set to zero right now but the interface requires a "non-zero" transaction. Some people have paid a penny and then the multiple location option worked. What's a penny?