Thursday, May 10, 2007

John Chow: 7 habits of a highly successful blogger

I thought this was a good post by one of the Blogosphere's A-List bloggers, John Chow. Here are 7 habits of a successful habits of a successful blogger. He should know something about this topic...he's been one for awhile.

As a bonus, here's another post by John Chow. 5 ways to come up with something when you have nothing to blog about. This happens more often than I would like to admit.

Total-Spender gave me some ideas just the other day. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

I aslo read John Chow Dot Com. Really nice blog. The habits of successful blogger he discussed is very understing and one should follow in order to make a blog success. You have set up a nice blog too. Keep going.
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total-spender said...

Another great link there Esofthub - I completely concur with all points raised.

And yes, finding something to blog about can sometimes be a chore (and I think can comes through in the final product).

Thanks for the heads up with respect to my blog (I hate calling it that - it's more of a platform for my rants).

Anyway, keep up the fine work. Looking forward to your next 'web find'.

esofthub said...

anonymous, I appreciate the comment and compliment.

I agree with you regarding the mogul's blogging tips; they are a worthwhile read.

esofthub said...

total-spender, I had to plug you because it was a good suggestion. I got some positive email and comments because of it.