Tuesday, May 15, 2007

MyBlogLog Outreach Program -- Join Community

MyBlogLog empowers authors and readers, i.e., anybody who reads a blog can learn about and engage with one another, and in the process take the conversation to a whole new level. And readers can become friends with other people who read your favorite blogs. MyBlogLog enables one to take advantage of his/her existing presence on the Web and ties it into communities of like-minded readers and authors to add context to the conversations in which you take part.

This is one of the best social networking sites I have been associated with in the Internet space. I have found people that are supportive, serious, and others who are just darn-right humorous.

Found this interesting post from my friend over at The ANiTOKID. It is a links chain where you get to know more bloggers by joining their communities. Being active in the community is a way of supporting one's favorite blogs. I'm adding three friends of mine, Total-Spender, Digital-Nomads and HMTKSteve.

To join the train, just follow the rules below and set it on a new journey from your own blog!

The Rules

1) Write a short introduction about how you found this list and include a link back to that blog.
2) COPY the rules and ENTIRE list below and post it on your blog.
3) Take “My New Community Members” and move them into the “The Original Community Members” list.
4) Find 3 new blogs, join their MyBlogLog Community and add them to the “My New Community Members” section. Remember to also add the “Join the Community” link next to your new blogs. (Example: http://www.mybloglog.com/buzz/community/yourblog/)
5) Join as a member to each Community listed here by clicking on “Join the Community”. The goal is that all of the new Members listed will join your community, and hopefully, you should do the same!

My New Community Members:
Total-Spender - Join Community
Digital-Nomads - Join Community
HTMKSteve - Join Community

The Original Community Members:

  1. Michael McKinlay - Join Community
  2. Culture Shiok! - Join Community
  3. Jimi Morrison’s Head - Join Community
  4. AnitoKid - Join Community
  5. FreeAdLists - Join Community
  6. Jane May - Join Community
  7. Jeff Kee - Join Community
  8. Nice4Rice - Join Community
  9. Nathan Drach - Join Community
  10. Mr. Gary Lee - Join Community
  11. Jon Lee - Join Community
  12. Everyday Weekender - Join Community
  13. Bryan’s Rants - Join Community
  14. Shawn Knight - Join Community
  15. Kelly Cho - Join Community
  16. Reformat This - Join Community
  17. Ms. Danielle - Join Community
  18. The Man of Silver - Join Community
  19. Nate Whitehill - Join Community
  20. Leo Chiang - Join Community
  21. Garry Conn - Join Community
  22. Samanathon - Join Community
  23. The Feats of a Chilean Dot Com - Join Community
  24. Danny Dang - Join Community
  25. Mayenskie - Join Community
  26. DoshDosh - Join Community


total-spender said...

AARRRGH ! I've been tagged !

I've continued the chain (in my unique style, obviously).

Thanks again for the heads up, esofthub.


esofthub said...

total-spender...I was sort of wondering how you might handle this tagging -- in your unique style. It should be interesting. :)