Thursday, May 10, 2007

Paula's List of Blogger Salaries...Are you on the list?

Well, I'm definitely not on her list. :) She has compiled a list of the top 60 blog earners who she could find releasable earnings data. The list is a rough estimate but still an interesting compilation.

Who's on Paula's List of Blogger and Webmaster Salaries? She says she has spent hours and hours scouring the Internet for the last-reported information about bloggers/webmasters and their revenue. Some are hard-core daily bloggers, some run sites with lots of pageviews but not much written content -- like dating sites. Wow...I imagine that took a long time to compile.


Paula Neal Mooney said...

You emailed me, right? I'm going thru all my email now and responding.

Hopefully you'll be on my future list.

Take care and thanks for the link love!

esofthub said...


I haven't emailed you. I just posted the link to my site because I thought it was an interesting find. But a minute or two ago as freeadlists, I revisted your site and left a comment and dugg the post. Good job!