Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Internet TIme Machine

Go back in time and see what your favorite websites looked like a few months or even years ago. has archives from 1996 to present and over 100 terabytes and 10 billion web pages. Here's the link for the Wayback Machine or type the following in your browser:*/

Check out Google Nov 11, 1998 and Yahoo Oct 17, 1996


Dana said...

I like this topic!
Thanks .. :-)

total-spender said...

Thanks for the heads up over on, Roy.

And yes, I hate to say it but you're more than correct in your analysis of my most recent effort (it wasn't worth getting out of bed for).

esofthub said...

Thanks Dana!

esofthub said...

total-spender, my manager calls me a "straight shooter." :)

Abhijeet said...

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