Friday, June 22, 2007

Who Stumbled your Site on

There is an easy way to see who is stumbling your site. Here's the URL to check.


total-spender said...

Thanks esofthub for *stumbling* upon my site.

Truth be known, I think you are one of the most social bloggers out there (always promoting, commenting, linking and generally helping others to push their blog/site to a wider audience).

I think FreeAdlists succinctly sums of your philosophy (helping others whilst not profiteering).

Thanks again.

esofthub said...

total-spender, I truly appreciate that comment. Thank you.

Stephen said...

SU used to give your more information but, once they began offering "paid stumbles" they pulled some of that information and put it behind the paid wall. I'm a sponsor on SU (I pay yearly) and I miss that information.

esofthub said...


Has sponsorship made a difference in your traffic levels?

jon said...

Hey great! I appreciate this info. :) Thanks.