Friday, November 16, 2007

Determine the Number of Keyword or Key Phrase Searches

Frankly speaking, it is a fairly difficult task to generate traffic to a new website. But there is one methodical way of doing it. It is the employment of keywords or key phrases in content that is unique and well developed.

The key words or key phrases in your content need a strong and relevant affinity in how it relates to your site but without blatant keyword stuffing. This can be done internally (your website), externally (bookmarks, articles, backlinks, etc) and over time while employing white hat SEO techniques. Why? If you cheat (black hat), you'll probably gain additional traffic but the gain will probably be short-lived. Eventually, Google will catch on and remove your site from their index. That is basically a death penalty for your site, especially if your site isn’t well established in its niche.

I know some people will say you shouldn't solely depend on Google for traffic. Yeah, okay...but for new sites it's important.

Here are a few sites you can use to develop a "keyword or keyword phrase" game plan.
SEOToolSet Estimate Keyword Activity Tool
Wordtracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool
SeoCompany Keyword Tool

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kenzie jones said...

A good article on the topic of determine the number of keywords or key phrase searches. I can't understand one thing the white and black hat.Thanks.