Saturday, December 29, 2007

Gotta Digg DOT Com Song by Kina

Usually, I don’t like watching YouTube videos because I think most of them are made by people who have way too much idle time on their hands -- waste of time. However, I saw this embedded YouTube video on the popular weblog TechCrunch and decided to play it. I was a bit surprised to hear what the performer was singing about…, a popular social bookmarking website.

Surprisingly, the digg song was pretty good and it's dang catchy. She also has a talented voice to boot. Her two sisters are in the background providing backup support – their gestures are comical, too. This video is viral!


Abraham said...

lol nice song

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satya61229 said...

really it is too good.

esofthub said...

Yeah, I agree, It's pretty good. I hope she does well. I like the props...a YouTube wonder