Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VOIP Adapter for $20 per year

A colleague of mine sent me this web find.

This is a pretty cool device. This small adapter just plugs into your USB port and then connect as standard telephone to the RJ-11 port and then you can call anyone in the US and Canada free anytime. If you are outside the US, then you can call anyone in the US free. You are given a 10-digit telephone number. So if you send someone overseas a unit, then they can communicate with them free since you both have your own telephone number. It does require that you have a PC and broadband and will not work with a dial up connection.

All this for only $20 per year
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Friday, January 11, 2008

Is There a Google Page Rank Update Going on?

I think Google is in the progress of doing a Page Rank update. I inadvertently noticed a few sites have improved their ranking by one or decreased by one. I haven't read anything about an ongoing update via the better known bloggers, but I noticed their sites haven't been affected like last time, so this should be a fairly quiet update. But I know it's forthcoming soon.

I noticed a couple sites that were 4's are now 3's and one or two sites that were 5's are now 4's and a couple that were 6's are now 5's. One of the interests that operate in the same space I do is now a PR7. A few days ago they were a PR6.

Last year, Google did an update around this same time.

I've also noticed one site had a PR0 and now it's a PR4.
The operator seems to show updated backlinks, too.