Wednesday, January 30, 2008

VOIP Adapter for $20 per year

A colleague of mine sent me this web find.

This is a pretty cool device. This small adapter just plugs into your USB port and then connect as standard telephone to the RJ-11 port and then you can call anyone in the US and Canada free anytime. If you are outside the US, then you can call anyone in the US free. You are given a 10-digit telephone number. So if you send someone overseas a unit, then they can communicate with them free since you both have your own telephone number. It does require that you have a PC and broadband and will not work with a dial up connection.

All this for only $20 per year
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Tom said...

I received the Magic Jack on 02/01/08 and was able to make a phone call almost immediately. When I plugged in the unit, you then select input your personal information and select an area code and region because then it assign you a telephone number. The quality of the audio was equal to my ATT telephone service. When I did receive one local call I could hear my voice echo. I have received a really positive response so far. The unit is shipped in 4 x 5 x 3/8 inch flexible package using priority mail from Florida. The first year is $40 + shipping and then a $20 per year renewal. Magic Jack needs to introduce a product that plugs into the router that does not require a PC for home use. I am keeping my ATT services to maintain the same number but will remove all options including no long distance carrier. I need now to find a 2 line phone to accommodate.

You will not be disappointed on your investment.

esofthub said...

Hi Tom,

I appreciate you sharing your experience with Magic Jack. It seems like an interesting find.

esofthub said...

Two days ago, I used the magicjack device and it worked great. It was very easy to use, too. Talk to my parents in the US for about 50 minutes from South Korea and the sound quality was much better than expected.

I lent the device to a friend (in Korea, too) and he said it was pretty darn clear when he called back to US.

I wasn't disappointed in the test.

esofthub said...

Well, I finally broke down and bought one of my own. In my previous comment, I borrowed it. Unfortunately, I also decided to buy a headset with a built-in much for saving. At any rate, it's working pretty well.

Limu said...

What a great little device!

Portico said...

Hi, Can u please tell me which VoIP adapter is best to use and what is difference between Portico and SIP VoIP adapter?

M2616 Tricbox said...

Can you tell me about the Voip adapter features .

Nortel BCM200 4.0 said...

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