Saturday, February 23, 2008

Securely Send and Receive Large Files

SendThisFile is a web find that will allow you send to and receive large files such as movies, presentations, photos, etc. from anyone and anywhere. I have used the service a few times for files that exceeded my email capability, which is usually 10MB.

I used their free plan. The free plan offers three day pickup, three downloads, progress meter, transfer rate, transfer size and secure transfers. They have plans from Free to Enterprise--which was loaded with features.

At any rate, the service was a no-brainer to use and sign-up was easy. Here is an example of an upload.

File Transfer: 33 Sec (14.97 MB copied)
File: esofthub.txt
Rate: 300 Kbps Elapsed: 00:07:30 Status: Transferring

Note: Most browsers have a built-in 2GB limit; however SendThisFile places no restrictions on file size or the number of files that can be uploaded. They do throttle (slow down) certain files that are uploaded from free accounts.

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