Saturday, May 17, 2008

20 Top Blog Directories on the Internet

Here is my listing of 20 top blog directories. They range from Page Rank 8 to Page Rank 4. Most of these blog directories will require you to register before listing your blog.

PR 8 Blog Directories

Technorati is a search engine for blogs. It lists and indexes millions of blogs each day.

MyBlogLog is a large social network for the blogger community.

Blogarama is blog search and has over 83,000 blogs listed.

PR 7 Blog Directories

Google’s Blogsearch is a search engine for blogs. You can find blogs on your favorite topics

BlogCatalog is one of the best blog directories on the Internet. It has a good community feel to it.

Blogdigger is a RSS blog search engine. Check out the NEW Blogdigger Local. Find bloggers in your location.

BlogPulse is a blog search engine that also analyzes and reports on daily activity in the blogosphere.

Blogtoplist is a blog directory that is sorted by the score each blog has received during the week.

Blogflux is a blog directory, stat tracker, and provides services such as poll and quiz makers.

PR 6 Blog Directories

BOTW is directory platform enabling the online community to nominate and vote for best-of-class websites in a variety of categories.

Globe of Blogs is an index directory of weblogs as submitted by their authors.

Bloghop allows you to tagsurf to blogs that match your interest.

Blog-directory is a listing a review site.

Bloggapedia offers tools, resources, information, and news.

Weblogalot is organized by category, offers a large collection of the best blogs online

Bloggeries is a categorized listing of weblogs from around the world.

Blogexplosion is a portal of popular blogs for blog promotion and help generate traffic to your blog.

PR 5 Blog Directories

TopBlogLists is a blog directory top blogs in arts, celebrity, computers, geek, humor, money, music, personal, politics, and sports. Free stats tracker.

PR 4 Blog Directories
Bloggernity is a directory for the latest news, entertainment, humor and politics issues.

TopBlogArea is a top list for blogs only. It offers tracking stats.

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Friday, May 09, 2008

Find out who are Your IP Neighbors

For a couple of my sites, I use shared hosting. I noticed that one of my sites was sluggish and I suspected that there were too many websites or IP neighbors on the host server. I found this one site that performs a reverse lookup and then displays the total count of My IP Neighbors along with their linked URL. You can view each site serially on the same webpage.

You can check whether your website is crowded with hundreds of other sites or not. I noticed that a few of my neighbors were related to the gambling and porn genre. There goes the neighborhood. I decided it was time to move files and find less and somewhat desirable neighbors.

Is your website sluggish? Check out who are IP neighbors.

Here is an example of the IP for this blog. has the IP address:
1645 found with the IP

1) (view site)

2) (view site)

3) (view site)

4) (view site)

5) (view site)

6) (view site)

7) (view site)

8) (view site)

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