Friday, May 09, 2008

Find out who are Your IP Neighbors

For a couple of my sites, I use shared hosting. I noticed that one of my sites was sluggish and I suspected that there were too many websites or IP neighbors on the host server. I found this one site that performs a reverse lookup and then displays the total count of My IP Neighbors along with their linked URL. You can view each site serially on the same webpage.

You can check whether your website is crowded with hundreds of other sites or not. I noticed that a few of my neighbors were related to the gambling and porn genre. There goes the neighborhood. I decided it was time to move files and find less and somewhat desirable neighbors.

Is your website sluggish? Check out who are IP neighbors.

Here is an example of the IP for this blog. has the IP address:
1645 found with the IP

1) (view site)

2) (view site)

3) (view site)

4) (view site)

5) (view site)

6) (view site)

7) (view site)

8) (view site)

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Admin said...

thanks alot

Yanik Lupien said...
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Yanik Lupien said...

This service seem to be down let's try my service.


Web Directory said...

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Lisa said...

wow.....Great informative blog. Here are lot of information have found for me..Thank you..