Tuesday, October 31, 2006

List of Minimum Wages by Country

Here is a list that gives the official minimum wage rates in some countries.

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World Maps here

Monday, October 30, 2006

Social Networking Site

Click Icon for Social Networking Site
Click here to visit Klik.us
THE HAMSTER TRACK: Help the hamster run the circle
Addictive. My best score was 287 cm. My friend's score was 598 cm.
The Worst Politcal Web Sites
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Saturday, October 28, 2006

13 Useful Tools Offered by Google

  1. Use Google Earth Maps – Maps to help you find locations throughout the world. Find businesses and get directions.
  2. Use Google Sitemaps – Helps webmaster place new pages into the Google Search Index.
  3. Use Google Picasa – Locates and organizes all your pictures on the PC and allows you to share them.
  4. Use Google Froogle – It is a price directory. Lists the lowest price available for a good or service.
  5. Use Google Groups – Great for social networking.
  6. Use Google Blogger – Get a blog and chat about your products and/or ideas.
  7. Use Google Adsense – Monetizes your site.
  8. Use Google Gmail – 2+ gigabytes of free mailbox space. You’ll need someone to invite you.
  9. Use Google Alerts – Notifies you when another site mentions or lists your site.
  10. Use Google Image Search – The most comprehensive image search tool on the web.
  11. Use Google Chat – It is free and fast. You can IM, email, transfer files or just talk.
  12. Use Google Software Pack – Free collection of essential software.
  13. Use Google Toolbar – Shows page rank of websites you visit.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

How common is your name in the USA?

Check and see how many people have your first and last name in the USA? This website gives you a rough estimate.

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Monday, October 23, 2006

Eye of God

This is a very interesting picture. I got it from a friend via email. This heavenly body is called the Eye of God.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Anomoly for number #1 ranking? Sarcasm?

Found this funny tidbit. Is this search engine sarcasm?


1. Go to www.Google.com
2 . Type in Failure
3 . Look at the first listing and laugh at what comes up first
4 . Will Google Fix it?


1. Go to www.Yahoo.com
2 . Type in Failure
3 . Look at the first listing and laugh at what comes up first
4 . Will Yahoo Fix it?

Checked excite.com and msn.com and the listing comes up as number 3 and page 3, respectively.

News of The Weird and Bizarre.

This site has acquired a lot weird news over the years. Select the news by state via the Weird Map.

Here are some examples. A Florida student was charged with starting a fire in his dormitory. His reason for doing it? So he could meet women during the evacuation. Think caviar is just an expensive appetizer? Think again. A New York City salon offers treatments that include the direct application of caviar to the face.

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Those Wacky Fuali Tests

If you have time to burn, here are the wacky Fuali Tests. It takes about a minute or two for each test.

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Google's Profits Soar -- Google UP Nearly $30

Google Inc. shares climbed 7 percent Friday, a day after reporting its earnings nearly doubled in the third quarter and handily beat Wall Street estimates.

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Google's third-quarter profit nearly doubled from a year ago as sales of keyword-related advertising continued to grow for the world's top Web search engine.

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Google: Get Stock Quote -- Dynamic Ticker Changes!

BuddyTV is Fun, Free, and Easy. Live Commentary.

BuddyTV is fun, free, and easy. BuddyTV allows you to join live commentary on your favorite shows. They have stars and experts on your favorite shows who will answer your questions and provide you with the inside scoop.

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

DNS Reports, DNS Timing, DNS Hosting Tests, IP WHOIS, WHOIS, Decimal IPs, City from IP, and many more

Here's a bunch of DNS utilities. Examples: DNS Reports, DNS Timing, DNS hosting tests, IP WHOIS, WHOIS, Decimal IPs, City from IP, traceroute, ping, reverse DNS lookup, abuse lookup, and many other network and domain name tools. This is one webpage with numerous IP related GUIs.

This site gets abused a lot. The worst offender right now is [rtr-55.core.lanet.net.pl] ASN=LANET-AS. For more details, you can go to our Top Abusers page (and even search by ASN or CIDR range).

You appear to be located in Korea-KR , based on your IP address of 220.120.XXX.XX

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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

555 Tech Gadgets by C/NET

555 cool gadgets coming to market. I started tracking it at 69. The list grows daily.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The intersection of MySpace and GPS

Honda has taken GPS navigation systems into the realm of social networking. The automaker says its latest subscription-based offering, called Internavi Premium Club, will come with built-in real-time weather and travel information, as well as a function that will enable drivers to tag points of interest with their own comments.

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Test your Internet Speed and Get your IP Address

Test your Internet Speed, Retrieve your IP address, Get Port Information, and Ping Server for Round Trip Stats.

Test Internet Speed
Get IP Address -- Very Quick IP return
Get IP Address -- Provides IP, Port Address and Browser Type/Version
Ping Server (Round Trip Test)

Video: How Google's giving Microsoft a new fit

Google is again making life difficult for Microsoft--this time taking heart at the company's bread and butter, office applications

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Monday, October 16, 2006

Mobilevideo for iPod-iPod Video Converter

MobileVideo For iPod is a free video conversion application developed by keronsoft. It allows you to convert your regular PC video files (avi, mpeg, etc) into the proper video format that your iPod understands.

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Free Music Software & Audio Application Info

This website offers free information about free music software applications for Linux, UNIX, BSD, Apple Mac, Windows and others. The main idea of this site is to offer information to the general public regarding these free softwares to show that there are truly viable free software alternatives to the mainstream proprietary options.

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Sunday, October 15, 2006

Randomly Chat With People via Their Webcam

Here's a site that randomly selects personal websites. You can see a random person live and talk with them. As always, you should be very careful in not providing personal information.

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Friday, October 13, 2006

200 Channels Viewed From Your PC -- Nothing to Install.

ChooseAndWatch.com is another free TV portal where there's a decent selection of online TV channels. The screen is said to be bigger than before and channel selection is growing.

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FreeTube - Watch TV shows and Live TV for FREE

FreeTube! is a site intended to let you watch TV online without the need of any special hardware device or subscription service. They provide viewers with the ability to watch live tv online and to watch an assortment of videos on demand. Simply select a genre from the menu, and a channel to begin watching.

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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Flying Man. Jet Pack Powered.

This guy is flying around the square with his own jet pack. Check it out.

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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Free C++ tutorial for C users.

Here's a free C++ tutorial for C users. Plus free e-book download.

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These Guys Are Giving Away Free Stuff!!...Video Codes, Magazines, Pizza Coupons...

Peruse all this FREE stuff!!...Video Codes, Magazines, Pizza Coupons, ISP, Java Script, Chat, Coffee Samples, Email, Games, Graphics, Image Hosting, Web Hosting, Postcards, Software, Prizes and Contests, Sounds, Personals, Contact Lenses and a whole lot more!

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Saturday, October 07, 2006

F-14 Blows up

Check out this video. A F-14 blows up after going supersonic. There are some other odd things to be found on this site.

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What would you do for $20?

Top Ten Funny Videos for Today. Look what this guy does for twenty bucks. Ironically, most of us would probably do the same thing while under the influence.

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Friday, October 06, 2006

Google Engineers Told to Make Existing Services Work

Google leaders told their engineers to stop focusing on launching a dizzying array of new services, and concentrate on making sure the existing ones work.

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Monday, October 02, 2006

Gmail Gets Better at Spotting Spam

"From the first quarter to the second this year, Gmail got nearly 15 times better at distinguishing legitimate commercial e-mail messages from spam, according to a new report from Lyris, a maker of e-mail marketing software."

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How to Create CSS Overlapping Tabs?

Sometimes simulating a real desktop interface for your web application can be a real challenge, especially when dealing with tabs. Side-to-side tabs are not easy to create in CSS, but overlapping tabs are even harder. This tutorial will show you how you can create overlapping tabs.

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LonelyGirl15 Videos

#0 ”LonelyGirl15 a.k.a Bree a.k.a. Jessica Rose Exposed” - Lonelygirl15 was a fake and is Jessica Rose an aspiring actress from New Zealand living in L.A. Visit the link above for more Lonelygirl15 pics, video and chat room. Despite some claims to the contrary this video was the first definitive proof that Jessica Rose was Lonelygirl15.

#1 “The first post…an introduction to “Bree” - Daniel is Bree’s only friend, and he, of course, has a crush on her. This caused some problems between them, but they’ve gotten over it. This is one of several “Proving Science Wrong” videos that seem to indicate that Bree doesn’t hold science in a very high regard.

#2 “Proving Science Wrong and Dad Talks to Daniel” - Daniel and Bree got in a huge fight after she found out how Daniel felt about her religious camp…

#3 “Her, Religion and Daniel” - The Drama of Daniel and Bree is resolved after Daniel shows up at her play…but the plot thickens with this posting, as we learn about “the ceremony”.

#4 “A Change in Bree’s Life” - Today my parents told me some interesting news. I generally don't talk about my religion, but I wanted to share this with you guys.

#5 “Poor Pluto” - This posting furthers the strangeness of the last few installments as a humorous bit about Pluto being downgraded to Dwarf Planet suddenly turns uncomfortable when Bree reveals that her brief stay in public school was marred by students claiming she “did something” with a teacher…

#6 “House Arrest” - Big surprise, my dad was waiting up for me when I got home...

#7 “A Change In My Life” - Today my parents told me some interesting news. I generally don't talk about my religion, but I wanted to share this with you guys.

#8 “Bree The Cookie Monster” - So everyone knows I'm not a great cook. But since so many people sent me recipes - most of which were COOKIES - I couldn't resist a bake off!!

#9 “Mysteries of My Past... REVEALED!” - Daniel is giving me the silent treatment right now, and I was bored and didn't have much to talk about, so I just talk about places I have lived. I did all the editing myself and even used some tricky speeded up stuff (Yay!).

#10 “How My Parents Met” - You see, it all happened in England...

#11 “My Difficult Decision” - Well, this is really sad but I don't know what else I can do.

#12 “In The Park” - Daniel and I went to park..

#13 “The Equinox” - Yup, that's right I'm going to an Equinox celebration with my parents. Very exciting. :)

#14 “Learning To Drive” - Daniel took me out and taught me how to drive.

#15 “My First Kiss” - What is the deal with kissing? It's really quite weird when you think about it...

#16 “What's A Date?” - Um, Daniel wanted to know if the other night in the park was a date... I consult P. Monkey (he's good for that).

#17 “I'm Going to the Party!” - Yep, I'm going :)

#18 “Should I Or Shouldn't I?” - Daniel invited me to a party, and my Dad said I couldn't go... but I'm thinking of going anyway...

#19 “Swimming!” - We went up to the river and I went swimming. Daniel was LAME and didn't want to go in the water... but... well you'll see!

#20 “I'm Really, Really, Really Excited!” - Daniel came to my play last night and you all knew before I did! Anyways it was so sweet of him to do that and I'm really happy, and I just HAD to post this video and show you guys :)

#21 “A Peace Offering (and P. Monkey Boogies)” - Daniel and I still aren't talking so I did a little reading to decide how to solve this problem. I figured I should make a peace offering. I did all the editing (duh) and I'm getting better at the speeded up stuff. Hope u like!

#22 “I Probably Shouldn't Post This...” - Today was really crummy because Daniel came over and we were supposed to work through our problems, but instead we got in a big fight. It sucked. I'm still mad... urrrghgh!

#23 “What Did Daniel and Dad Talk About?” - Basically I chase Daniel around with the camera and try to get him to tell me what he talked to my dad about. Oooooh and a little Purple Monkey :)

#24 “Daniel The Neanderthal” - Basically I test Daniel on what kind of a caveman he would have made... "descended from hunter gatherers" pshaw!

#25 “The Tolstoy Principle (and Dad "talks" to Daniel)” - We made another proving science wrong, this time about the Tolstoy Principle (from Jared Diamond's great book... Guns, Germs, and Steel)... and my Dad decided to be annoying and have a "talk" with Daniel. Whatever :(

#26 “My Lazy Eye (and P. Monkey gets Funky!)” - So, after all the drama (which I apologize for... I know I shouldn't have posted, he shouldn't have posted, blah blah) I'm back to my normal stuff. Hope u like it :)

#27 “He Said, She Said” - Daniel finally called me back! Things were said, treaties were struck, the Force is back in balance. We celebrated by making this video!

#28 “Boy Problems...” - I was teasing Daniel about the hiking video... and I guess you guys were right...

#29 “My Parents... Let Us Go Hiking!!!” - Basically Daniel and I got to go hiking yesterday and he edited it into a cool summery video...yeah summer!

#30 “Daniel Returns, and More Interesting Factoids (Yay!)” - Sorry about all the drama, but I was pretty mad and just posted that video. Anyways, Daniel is back, everything is okay and we decorate my room. Oh, and I talk about turtles and ants :)

#31 “My Parents Suck...” - Basically, I talk about how my parents ruined my 4th of July... sorry about the crappy editing. Happy "Independence" Day :(

#32 “Grillz feat. Danielbeast, LG15, P. Monkey, and O'n.” - Daniel and I are sick of all the negative comments and stuff that happened this weekend, so we're doing a bit of a makeover...meet LG15, the Danielbeast, P. Monkey and O'n. Step 2 us if U dare!

#33 “The Danielbeast” - All of you wanted to see Daniel so...here he is! He doesn't like blogging, he thinks it's "beneath him" (whatever) I had to kind of trick him, also, this is the first video I edited without his help :)

#34 “School Work in Summer... BLECHH!!!” - I talk about being home schooled, and do a little bit of studying... um, also give some cooool information about stuff that I'm learning. (Daniel writing) and I do some sick azzzz editing!!

#35 “Purple Monkey” - Um, yeah this is kind of retarded... but Daniel thought it was funny when we made it and he said I should put it up... so here it is :)

#36 “First Blog / Dorkiness Prevails” - So, I finally got a web cam and got it working (ugh, harder than I thought...). Hope you like it :)

#37 “Proving Science Wrong...with Lonelybeast” - We LOVED your spoofs (okay, not ALL of them), so we thought we should do one of our own. Hope you like it! It took FOREVER to make one where Daniel wasn't laughing!!!

#38 “Proving Science Wrong!” - Does science really have the answer to EVERYTHING? I don't think so, and here's PROOF! Enjoy :)

Trump, you're fired! MSN Article

That's what someone should tell The Donald, anyway. Trump's leadership has left his three casinos in shabby shape and with too much debt to do much about it.

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