Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Mother of all Clocks

I think this is a pretty cool web find. It is the Mother of all Clocks. I think there are about 50 or so clocks. But I am surprised someone actually took the time to put it together. At any rate, it is an interesting find. Check it out.


This is another cool clock a friend sent me. It has an interesting layout as you will see.

1st Line is seconds
2nd Line is minutes
3rd Line is hours
4th Line is days
5th Line is months
6th Line is years


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Bulk Manage Direct Messages with Huitter

Here is a site, Huitter.com, you can use to bulk manage all those automated messages you receive on Twitter.com. Without a doubt, Twitter is a great micro blogging service, but you will receive a lot of terse messages if you are a heavy follower. I receive about 100-200 per day (mostly like "thanks for the follow") and I can only delete one at a time. I glanced over all of them, but I don't have time to delete them all. Who does?

They also have a useful mutuality tool. Check them out.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jay Leno's Garage - Making Parts

Amazing NextEngine's 3D scanner technology applied to the real world.

This is an interesting piece of machinery and it is explained in a matter of 8 minutes!  It's all MADE  IN  THE  USA!!!  Give it a good look. Some of you might even have reason to buy and use this equipment.  It's simply stimulating to watch.  Check out Jay Leno and crew having this piece of machinery demonstrated.


Thursday, April 30, 2009

Country IP Blocks - Allow a Country or Block a Country

This is a pretty interesting find. Per their website, Country IP Blocks,  they offer Network Data in 7 Separate Formats: CIDR, Netmask, .htaccess deny, .htaccess allow, IP Range, Decimal/CIDR* and Hexadecimal/CIDR. You are in control of who or what accesses your website or servers.

It will help you block a country or allow a country. It lets you control the the network traffic coming to your site. Their site states that IP Blocks are simple and effective in limiting bandwidth hogs, hackers, spammers and other undesirable traffic.

This is a good tool to block those Nigerian 419 scammers and pet and loan scammers.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

An interesting subliminal image

My Korean-American friend asked me to stare at this image for about thirty seconds. He did not mention what I should see but he did look quite surprised after his 3-step experience. After thirty seconds, he asked me to look above the monitor and then he asked me what I saw. Frankly speaking, the projected subliminal image was unexpected.

Here are the 3 simple steps:
1. Stare at the 4 vertically-centered dots for approximately thirty seconds
2. Now look above or away from your monitor for a few seconds
3. Well, what did you see?